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eriodic table charges for Yo have slied in yor seaking, Ynmen said Aft erward, another master broght the matter and said, Tell me at what oint did the monk err in his seaking Zhangzho, as referred to in this record, was a learned Tang dynasty scholar who excelled at the entrance examinations Accomlished One was the designation for the select few who reached high on the ladder of meritocracy He then became interested in Zen and was enlightened when a master ointed ot that the character for the name Zhang literally signifi es nskilled Rather than an inslt, the meaning of the master’s instrction was to show that awakening is beyond the distinction between merit and its lack within the realm of ordinary hman aff airs Th e comment cited by the monk abot ersonal Transformation 121 the Bddha’s illmination was taken from Zhangzho’s enlightenment verse, bt Ynmen recognized that this was nothing more than a bit of rote learning Th e overall imact of the koan is to show that invariably, in one way or another, words mst be sed eriodic table charges 2016

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