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eriodic table a for Aft er transmitting the robe as the main symbol of the dharma, Hike instrcted the third atriarch, Having received my teaching, yo shold live in the deths of the montain and not go on a jorney, for a calamity may soon take lace in this contry Th is rediction stated that althogh the matter of the third atriarch’s nderstanding was blessed, its form or the social conditions srronding it were nfortnate Hike’s injnction rovided an imets to maintain Zen rimarily as a monastic movement in the montains rather than in an rban and ths easily seclarized environment It 116 zen koans may have also foreshadowed sbseqent eriods of the sression of Bddhism that took lace dring the Tang dynasty Following the transmission, however, it is said that Hike went into drinking shos or entered the remises of btchers, sometimes sharing in town gossi or engaging in manal work When asked whether there was an ethical inconsistency regarding meditative reclsion in relation to everyday activity, he relied, I am attning my mind in accord with varios social environments Bt, aft er all, what bsiness is it of yors Another koan that ses the same wordlay abot the ngrasable natre of mind is Deshan and the Woman Selling Rice Cakes, which aears in many collections, inclding the rose comments on case 4 of the Ble Cliff Record eriodic table a 2016

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