The Perfect Base from Which to Explore the UK Capital

Whether you’re visiting the UK capital for business or leisure, finding a great place to stay should always be a top priority of any traveller. And as you’d expect of a city like London, the UK capital has many outstanding hotels for visitors to select from.

London more than caters to every traveller’s taste and budget, and as one of the world’s most famous cities you naturally want to select a place to stay that offers you access to good public transportation links, a variety of notable places of interest within walking distance, and of course all the modern conveniences that you would expect of a good guesthouse or hotel.

The perfect location

Naturally, location is of primary importance for anyone who’s planning a weekend city break or extended trip in London, and as a quick look at any map of the city will immediately confirm, Finchley in the Borough of Barnet is an ideal location for taking in the delights of a city offering a wealth of attractions for everyone, from sports fans and those who appreciate fine dining experiences, to fashionistas and history buffs.

Some of the many notable places of interest that can easily be visited from a north London hotel, perhaps one in Finchley in the Borough of Barnet, include:

Brent Cross Shopping Centre

British Library

Lincoln’s Inn

Little Venice

The Emirates Stadium

White Hart Lane

Offering everything from the ultimate shopping experiences in the world’s most fashionable boutiques and flagship stores to the most amazing collection of historical landmarks, not to mention the home stadiums of Arsenal and Tottenham, a stay in the northern reaches of the City of London will naturally prove to be a truly rewarding experience. And perhaps somewhat unsurprisingly, a well-appointed hotel-room will always be a welcome sight after a hard day on the tourist trail!

Why Finchley?

Finchley, with its excellent transportation links and good selection of hotels, is the perfect base from which to explore the UK capital, so it should come as no surprise that so many international visitors choose to stay in a hotel in Finchley and go see Wembley Stadium and other famous attractions during their time in London.

Along with a number of great hotels to take your pick of should you choose to stay in this well-located area, there are also numerous restaurants of note in Finchley. These include many affordably priced casual dining options that are perfect for travellers on budgets, yet still want to wine and dine to high standards and enjoy the excellent dining scene that London has to offer.

As it’s just 11 kilometres north of Charing Cross you can access all of the City of London from Finchley, so if you’re looking for a comfortable hotel with good transportation links nearby, and at a good price, you’re sure to find what you’re looking for in Finchley in the Borough of Barnet, the perfect base from which to explore the City of London, the UK capital and a fantastic city to explore.

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