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Pendant lighting for We are not sure whether this response indicates a passive sense of uncertainty refl ecting a lack of commitment and conviction or a more dynamic sense of purposeless wandering in pursuit of spiritual awakening. 188 zen koans When Fayan remarks, Not knowing is the most direct form of knowing, it is said that Dizang for the very fi rst time sees things clearly with his mind’s eye and experiences a great enlightenment. One of the traditional commentaries remarks, Without going outside the gate he now knows everything in the world. And that is precisely why, according to the title of the most famous of the koan collections, the gate that seems to be an impassable barrier is, in the fi nal analysis, gateless. It is said that during traditional times, when a pilgrim’s itinerancy led him to a new temple, he was routinely kept from entering the doorway until his dedication was proved by sitting in meditation for hours or days in the elements. Both standing on the outside looking in through an opening in the gate and breaking through it are based on nothing other than one’s mind. But where can one fi nd this mind? Where, indeed? What is the sound of one hand clapping? Does a dog have Buddha-nature? These cryptic expressions are among the bestknown examples of koans, the confusing, often contradictory sayings that form the centerpiece of Zen Buddhist learning and training. Pendant lighting 2016.

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