Peloponnese City

Peloponnese City for This theoretical framework may allow one to explain foreign policy neatly, leaving the waters unmuddied by complicated analyses of the role played by advisers, institutions, bureaucracies, the economic climate, or the election cycle. Ideal types put historical events, institutions, or (sets of ) attitudes and values into their most consistent and logical forms.9 Achieving this consistency and logic, Weber admitted, entails doing a certain amount of violence to historical reality.10 Political life is seldom, if ever, as neat and tidy an affair as the social scientist might desire. Ideal types are, by definition, one-sided. Without the construction of ideal types to simplify matters, however, the social scientist could not understand or portray the complex interplay of cultural and material forces that produce human history. Ideal types are like the conceptual lenses that create focused images of the world. Peloponnese City 2016.

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