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Paris metro map for It seems that devotees of any spiritual belief will always be able to fi nd a way to let their misbegotten leaders off the hook, and that effort may be a shameful cover- up or have a silver lining by forging a spiritual path from transgression to redemption. Th ere is no point in throwing the baby out with the bathwater by condemning a whole tradition for the excesses of a relative handful of transgressive monks. At the same time, it is crucial to keep one’s observational eyes open and attuned to the distinctive features of ethical problems and responsibilities that may be rooted in part in the vagueness and ambiguity in regard to moral guidelines on the part of koan rhetoric and practices. It is also important to actively advocate forms of repentance for misdeeds and to look for ways that defi cient tendencies can be transformed by Zen leaders into constructive outlets of expression and activity in relation to mainstream society. New Directions: Women, Interpersonal Relations, and Science Th erefore, aft er acknowledging examples of human rights abuses, it is important to highlight the way the positive features of the tradition of koan literature and practice can be utilized in a modern context in relation to areas such as women’s roles in religious training, the role of interpersonal relations guided by principles of Zen insight, and Whither Koans, or Wither? 173 the question of harnessing science and technology from the standpoint of Buddhist spirituality. Koan case rec ords can provide considerable insight and wisdom that is useful, if appropriately adapted, in encountering thorny contemporary societal and ideological issues regarding gender, professional etiquette, and the side eff ects of technological advances. With regard to gender roles, we have seen a couple of prominent examples of cases featuring lay women who outsmart prominent male Zen teachers, including Zhaozhou Checks Out an Old Woman and Deshan and the Woman Selling Rice Cakes. Paris metro map 2016.

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