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Soustal – Koder 47-50. The settlement of the Slavs, from 587 on, caused destruction and mass migration ibid. 71-80, Soustal – Koder 50-54, but Nicopolis was spared Chrysos 77, as was Dyrrachium Janin. Their metropolitans took part in the ecumenical councils of the 7th c. Soustal – Koder 52. Paris Metro Map The population was mixed: in the S parts the Hellenic ethnic element and Greek language predominated, in the N the Illyrican element with Latin as official language. At the time of the administrative reorganization of the Byzantine Empire, Old and New Epirus respectively constituted, in the mid 9th c., the themes of Nicopolis and Dyrrachium Zakythinos XVII, 239-243 and 210-218, ibid. XXI, 194-197 and 198-205, Soustal – Koder 53ff.. Early Christian Nicopolis, of limited extension, was surrounded by new walls presumably in 474 Chrysos 53; in ca. 540 Justinian rebuilt its fortifications Pallas, Epiros 229. Between the late 9th and early 10th c., Nicopolis ceased to exist. Dyrrachium, birthplace of the emperor Anastasius I 491 518, was given new fortifications under Justinian Proc., Aed. IV 4; CSHB 277; Paris Metro Map Miraj, with up-to-date bibl.. Christianity was probably introduced to Epirus by St. Paul Tit 3:12; cf. Harnack, Mission, 624. At Nicopolis it seems to have developed from a Hellenized Jewish community. In the mid 3rd c. Origen, in search of an old translation of the OT, stayed at Nicopolis Euseb., HE VI 16, PG 20, 553-556, GCS II2, 552-554 Schwartz. Pope Eleutherus was born at Nicopolis Botte. Ecclesiastical figures include Diadochus, Paris Metro Map bishop of Photice. The names of Christian martyrs from the 3rd c. are known, but not the names of any bishops. As the eparchy of E Illyricum, Epirus was under the ecclesiastical jurisdiction of Rome through the metropolitan of Thessalonica, the pope’s vicar Pallas, L’Illyricum 70-73, until the 8th c., when it came under Constantinople. Church life was subject to the metropolitans of Nicopolis and Dyrrachium, who were obeyed by the bishops, who took part in ecumenical councils and met in local synods Konidaris 453ff., 483ff. passim; Chrysos 99- 104; Soustal – Koder 81-83. Episcopal sees were set up, it seems, in the cities legally recognized as such Chrysos 13-14. On the bishops, see Konidaris 511- 513. The list of bishops of Nicopolis is in Phourikis 150-155 see also Pallas, Epiros 214, with bibl.; for the list of bishops of Dyrrachium, see Janin. Of the ancient temples, that of Dodona had lost all importance even before Christ Spieser 319-320.

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