Hello from Paris. I just got here still with my suitcase, I’m going to my Airbnb which is close by that’s the skin someone’s saying my favorite song. So nice for a European kind of weird. I don’t think I’ve ever done Asia America Europe within hours and actually getting off the plane and spending a day in each place alright this is my air B&B here, I’m super cute. So you can see the Eiffel Tower and a screaming kid and that’s my R & B right here not too bad huh hello. I do like all the buildings here in Paris of how awesome yeah, I’m a tired as hell. But I made it to my very own private air B&B it’s tiny even for European standards. But I want something that would have an Eiffel Tower view. I mean it’s not quite perfect that it’s not bad either oh hello busy street. So here it is tiny tiny but it was like bucks. So and it’s So close little couch maybe European everything from IKEA kitchen me and about their own. So yeah nice and clean not terrible. I need to take a shower hi peanut butter oops hi poppy this is my me my medium Paris where are you yeah what’s going on mommy mrs. Julie all right ready to go. I just have to fold my handbag nice jacket high heels.

I changed to high heels. So feel more a little bit of Parisian and my YouTube posts are uploading and, I’m just gonna go and get some tea surprisingly it’s not even that cold in Paris and surprisingly, I’m not even that tired double surprise. I don’t think this ever gets all to anyone unless you live here maybe but to me this is my fifth time in Paris times, I’m by myself in Paris it’s kind of sad Michael didn’t come this time and, I’m on my way to Poland. But I wanted to stop in Paris for a day or two just to enjoy it it’s like ah it’s Paris of course. I wanted to come. So yeah, I’m just gonna hang out grab something to eat and enjoy the Eiffel Tower for tonight and tomorrow meeting with a friend event of friends a fellow influencer that that we’ve been in touch with for a long time already exchanging ideas docking travel and, I had to wear high heels even though. I feel better. I felt like it’s more Parisian to wear something more elegant just like whatever – it’s never easy to find something vegan whole food in Europe. But I don’t want to be negative, I’m keeping my hopes – fully. I’ll find something oh it’s So pretty. I don’t think it ever gets old Wow it’s funny because it’s not that big but it feels. So magnificent And So overwhelming in a way. I don’t what’s your impression but, I’m always like wow that’s crazy not because it’s famous but because it’s like which is very very impressive there’s something about it that makes you go like it’s exactly how.


I feel right now it’s like whoa Wow ah the coarseness, I’m thinking of either going here or there to get something to eat and looking for some sandwich or something to eat, I’m what dinner for one. I have some vegetables and a caprese salad. So life is not bad after all, I’m actually. So hungry, I’m gonna anything morning it’s o clock in the morning guess what’s behind me and this and a selfie stick cuz. I figure. I don’t want to be too close to camera all the time and lots of layers because it’s a little cold I’d left early. I woke up as. I usually do. So I can meditate and read books and chill out and now at and, I’m about to take some photos with the Eiffel Tower. So nice and quiet zero tourists the best way to enjoy Paris and enjoy any city in fact, I’m crossing the river CN right now to take some photos from the other side of the river.

So right now, I’m on the bridge with my Instagram friend like who’s an amazing Paris photographer probably one of my favorite the most amazing stunning photos, I’m gonna link his account in the description below these photos are amazing and, I am lucky enough he wanted to meet me at a.m. in the morning he’s totally regretting. I can tell from his face he’s like why did. I agree to meet her look at me because he’s sleepy but you did and now we’re gonna take some photos from the bridge perfect location yeah seems some Parisian chips right now finished thank you butter us and we’re going to get some breakfast now. I ordered some breakfast there is no menu and Loic just ordered a croissant and coffee for me and breakages very like authentic he didn’t want he do wanna stuff but any of the touristy places because it’s not a real experience that’s gonna be a real experience put it on your sacrum icon. I need to film before. I eat the entire croissant filming but it’s So delicious it’s So crispy, I’m totally guilty of eating it up in like three seconds very very good and French people you can learn how French people eat here he’s just eating the baguette like that just drying all right Loic is like the coolest best bout here, I’m jealous. I want a Vespa – the reason everyone comes here it’s actually nice and far from the Eiffel Tower you can compose yourself and the Eiffel towel and the shot and if you come too close the Eiffel Tower is too big and you can never take the whole thing never capture the whole thing where’s this as you can see you can see my face an entire Eiffel Tower, I’m just perfect took out their room right across right across from the Eiffel Tower right across on the other side of the river in case you ever wonder how to get here pretty empty surprisingly because it’s in the middle of Paris Fashion Week.

So I imagined that it would be in this year with fashion bloggers that. I have seen some like putting their clothes on and changing into tracks yeah we all are you awesome still here. I just want to show you how. I take photos whenever Michael’s not with me which is very sad. But I have my tripods and, I also have an app on my phone that connects to my camera. So I can see everything that’s cameras seeing and, I can walk into the shot right now the camera. I’ll show you right. So, I’m standing in front of the camera the camera sees me. So oh my god or if. I have to move this way to take a photo and then that way and then here. So that way. I know. I just press a little button here on the camera to take the photo another photo easy peasy. I mean it’s not really and it’s million times better when you travel with that professional photographer like Michael but it’s also very helpful instead of you know having that shot on your face thank you yeah Eiffel Tower to have a shadow a shot of you for example with the entire outfit in case you’re in fashion or you just don’t want to be you’ll have your face and every single shot all right Paris might be da GE but it’s not that terrible because.

I just left my handbag while taking a photo. I asked someone took a photo of me and put it down they took a photo of me. I walked away like on a five-minute soy pretty much all the way back to the Eiffel Tower and the photo was being taken out there on the stairs and, I realized. I have no handbag with my wallet my camera that, I’m using for vlogs with everything. I have all the money with peace of the air BnB up run. I have to check out in an hour all the drivers license everything as like. So I started running back and sure enough the handbook was right there on the ground lying around not very smart on me to put it down in the first place and to distract it to remember to pick it off Oh God. So silly should. I have such good karma crazy very lucky very lucky who we’re just having lunch here. I met another Instagram friend here heels on a trip she’s the Polish girl living in Paris and now we’re just having some lunch does not look this is a salad by the way it’s not at all French yeah it’s a strange version of this salad.

I was like Oh totally yeah. I guess in a sandwich is perfect in French and we have this amazing view of the Trinity Trinity yet Church please it might look like, I’m in a lamb store antiquity. I am. I guess but, I’m here. Because I was told this is. So pretty amazing now pick and choose lovely baby is making my books alright this is a must go on in Paris look at that amazing we made it to one bar door handles awesome on a croissant let’s find some croissants here. I remember last time. I was here have the croissant somewhere there, I’m just gonna keep walking up and enjoying this beautiful view. So this is my table right here now that’s perfection right here this is that two croissants spritz little like Italy and my oh and what do you want more life people reading and looking how French always just work ray and then black and white and blue but that’s okay. So that was my table right there seriously these could not be any some did like. I don’t know for like. I don’t know where they’re from but they’re like the smallest portion of the berries have ever seen in my life definitely not in America anymore and this is Fergus holy on the other hand as far as like mutant asparagus and baby little berry explosion five times and somebody decided that. I want to and, I want to the training is the elemental public trance which has been extremely challenging and, I felt like in our brawl concerts like oh my god Paris because that’d make me. So tired it’s So hectic now Mike was not reading this and see that. I spent thank you even though the most famous reference in the problem :.

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