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Maps show where is Palestine locate in the world.

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Palestine Map for We conclude, then, that Numbers played an important part in helping the Magi deduce that the cometary apparition was marking the birth of the Jewish Messiah. However, it is probable that another passage from the Jewish Scriptures also strongly inluenced the Magi’s interpretation of the celestial phenomenon unfolding in the eastern sky, and prompted them to make a pilgrimage to Judea to ind and worship the newborn Messiah. That passage is found in the book of Isaiah. The Book of Isaiah The Influence of the Book of Isaiah on the Magi The fact that the Magi brought gifts of gold and frankincense for the newborn Messiah probably relects the inluence of the book of Isaiah on their thinking regarding the comet. Gold and frankincense are speciically mentioned in Isaiah as offerings that will be brought by pilgrims from the Arabian Peninsula to the Messiah during his eschatological reign over the nations. There, these two gifts are representative of the great wealth that will be presented to the Messiah by the nations. When therefore the Magi give the baby Messiah these same gifts, they are most likely intimating that they already fully acknowledge his royal authority over them and the world and look forward to the beginning of his reign. Palestine Map 2016.

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