Pakistan Physical Map

MEDICAL FACILITIES : Good doctors and surgeons. Fully equipped hospitals are to be found in all the leading cities. English is understood by hospital staffs. There is a good Seventh Day Adventist American hospital in Karachi.

MOTION PICTURES : There are a few movie theaters showing both American and English films. Two up-to-date film studios are in operation in Lahore. The Ministry of Information and Broadcasting produces both cultural and documentary films for release at home and abroad.

MUSIC : Radio Pakistan, which is non-commercial, devotes a high proportion of its program hours to both the classical and folk music of Pakistan.

PHOTOGRAPHY : Photographic equipment, including, cameras and still and movie film, black-and-white and color film may be bought but not readily, and prices are higher than in America. Color and movie film are sent abroad for processing; 24-hour local service on black-and-white film. Inquire at your hotel or Pan American office for recommended camera stores.

NIGHT CLUBS AND CABARETS : Night clubs as we know them, are not found in Pakistan. However, all the leading hotels have Western-type barrooms and cabarets. The floor shows of the- Beach Luxury, Metropole, Palace and others are fair.

image_1520_BDM_pakistan_GB.gifPolitical Map of Afghanistan and Pakistan – World Sites AtlasPhysical Map of Pakistan, shaded relief outsideSurvey of PakistanPakistan Physical Map by from — World’s Largest …The Coming Catastrophe: the American War in Afghanistan and …Survey of Pakistan

Pakistan Physical Map for Image credit Sirscha Nicholl. The highest point of the tail segment of Hydra is not very clear, although Pseudo- Eratosthenes locates the Crow Corvus on the tail and reveals that what he calls the ifth coil of Hydra evidently associated with ?, and Hydrae is not part of the tail. The Babylonian representation of Hydra was very similar, except that the bird sitting on the tail is the Raven and is oriented toward the tip of the tail rather than, in the case of Corvus in Greco- Roman imagination, away from it. From somewhere along this stretch of the tail, from Pi Hydrae to where the feet of the Crow/Raven rested on Hydra, one-third of the stars of heaven seemed to streak toward the earth. Since the scene climaxes in verse b with Hydra standing, that is, with the tip of the tail level with the eastern horizon, the shooting stars must have seemed to stem from a higher point in the tail, probably between Gamma Hydrae which is about degrees basically straight above the tip and a star like HIP about degrees from [Pi Hydrae, under Corvus the Crow/the Raven. All or part of this section of Hydra’s tail was above the eastern horizon when the stars seemed to be thrown toward the earth. It seems clear that what is being described in Revelation is a great meteor storm, when thousands, tens of thousands, or even hundreds of thousands of meteors per hour streak through the sky. Pakistan Physical Map 2016.

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