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WEATHER IN KARACHI Lat. N24‚°55′ Alt. 50′


Low 58‚° 61‚° 68‚° 74‚° 79‚° 83‚° 81‚° 78‚° 77‚° 73‚° 67‚° 59‚°

High 76‚° 78‚° 82‚° 85‚° 89‚° 91‚° 88‚° 85‚° 86‚° 88‚° 85‚° 78‚°

Average 67‚° 70‚° 75‚° 80‚° 84‚° 87‚° 85‚° 82‚° 82‚° 81‚° 76‚° 69‚°

LOCATION : Two widely spaced units comprise the new nation of Pakistan. East and West Pakistan are separated by approximately 1,000 miles of foreign territory, much the same as Alaska is separated from Continental United States. West Pakistan adjoins India, Iran, Afghanistan and the Chinese province of Sinkiang, whereas East Pakistan abuts the Republic of India, and Burma.

CHARACTERISTICS : While the name Pakistan is a new one, the land is both ancient and colorful. The terrain of East Pakistan is fiat, covered with rivers, and very verdant. The landscape of West Pakistan is extremely varied, consisting of snow-capped hills and green valleys, with abundant food and fruit production. The latitude is similar to that of Southern California, as, except for the Himalayan region, is the terrain. You will find the people of Pakistan friendly and hospitable to visitors, especially Americans.

POPULATION : With a population of about 80,000,000 people, Pakistan is the fifth largest country in the world, numerically.

SIZE : About 364,218 square miles, which is larger than the combined areas of California, Oregon and Washington.

CAPITAL : Karachi, the capital of Pakistan, is a well-planned, modern city, with over a million population. Karachi is a big port and possesses one of the most up-to-date and busiest airports in Asia.

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