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H. Crouzel – L. Odrobina II. Council. A council convoked by Maximus, proclaimed emperor by the army in Britain in 383, met in 385 and condemned the Priscillianists. Instantius was deposed and deported; Priscillian refused to recognize the council’s competence and appealed to the emperor. Pakistan Map Taken to Trier and accused of magic and immorality before the prefectorial tribunal, he was condemned to death and executed with six partisans, including a woman, Eucrocia. This proceeding, in which bishop Itacius of Ossonuba acted as prosecutor, aroused protests from many bishops Martin of Tours, Hyginus of Cordoba, Ambrose of Milan, who appealed to the princeps, and led to the Felician schism. Hfl-Lecl 2, 385; Gaudemet, SC 241, 113-116; Palazzini 1, 190.

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