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Package trip to hawaii on Though its geographical location and diminutive size make it a somewhat anonymous state, its independent political climate gives rise to an exemplary model for the study of political and economic phenomena. Once a part of the Holy Roman Empire, Liechtenstein gained its sovereignty in 1806 when it was admitted as a member of the Confederation of the Rhine. It rose to the status of an independent state in 1866, and as a result, it became the master of its own fate. Its standing army was abolished in 1868, and this marked the be- Liechtenstein 493 ginning of its long-standing neutrality position within Europe’s geopolitical ambit. Upon its independence, Liechtenstein’s interests abroad were maintained by Austria until the collapse of the Austro-Hungarian Empire in 1918. At this time, Liechtensteiners recognized that a break with the politically unstable Austria was imminent, and so they turned toward their neighbors to the west in Switzerland. The fiercely independent principality sustained its neutrality throughout WORLD WAR I, and shortly thereafter, it adopted the Swiss currency and entered into a customs agreement with Switzerland, and since that time, Switzerland has represented Liechtenstein in international matters. Package trip to hawaii 2016.

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