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Overyssel City for In January of the following year, Wilson proposed his Fourteen Points for a postwar settlement. This doctrine for peace included open diplomacy, self-determination for nation-states, and the creation of an international League of Nations. An instrumental player in drafting the Treaty of Versailles in Europe, which officially ended the war in 1919, Wilson pushed his peacetime agenda. Upon returning to the United States following the negotiations, Wilson tried to arouse national support for the treaty and especially the League of Nations; however, he met great opposition in Congress, particularly from Senator Henry Cabot Lodge. Wilson’s exhaustive efforts to ignite public opinion ultimately took their toll on his health. On September 26, 1919, he suffered a paralytic stroke. As he recovered, Wilson’s wife Edith directed many of his political affairs leading many to speculate about the extent of her influence. Overyssel City 2016.

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