Osaka Kobe Kyoto Metro Map

Osaka/Kobe/Kyoto Metro Map on Thus, revenues are not necessarily the same as collections and expenses are not necessarily the same as payments to suppliers, landlord, utility company, or employees. It follows that because of this timing difference, net income normally does not equal the cash generated by operations. Expenses are further divided into two main categories, selling expenses and general and administrative expenses. Merchandising or manufacturing companies first calculate the gross profit on sales as an intermediary step before calculating the net income. Gross profit is the excess of the selling price (revenue) over the cost of the product sold. From the gross profit, total expenses are deducted in order to arrive at the net income number. GAAP requires providing the user of the financial statement a detailed breakdown of the sources of income, so that the user can evaluate the quality of the income. Osaka/Kobe/Kyoto Metro Map 2016.

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