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We probably have here a daily catechesis ibid., 28. Moving from the gospel, catechesis has now become a narratio, a simple genre Acts 7:2-53; 10:34-43, esp. in the Christian initiation of catechumens. It is based, with an anti-Marcionite and antignostic objective, Osaka Map Tourist Attractions on the Bible’s typological meaning, which assures the unity of OT and NT. Irenaeus refers the baptizand to the regula veritatis, which he receives from the church V. Grossi, Regula veritatis e narratio battesimale in sant’Ireneo: Augustinianum 12 1972 437-463. The baptismal narratio explains that God wants to reestablish in each person the prototype of the first man; it extends from the creation to the resurrection Irenaeus, Epid. 19-20.22-24.77.93- 96. The Christian vision and catechesis are also distinguished from gnosis G. Filoramo, Le scuole catechistiche, 559-585. Basic elements of baptism are light-darkness, life-death, truth-ignorance and error O. Pasquato, Ireneo: J. Gevaert ed., 360-361. From the end of the 2nd c., preparation for baptism led to an organized and demanding catechumenate O. Pasquato, K.: RAC 20, 437; M. Metzger – W. Drews – H. Brakmann, Katechumenat: RAC 20, 497-574 in which, with penitence, fasting and various rites, catechesis played a principal role. The creed and the rite of traditio and redditio developed from the baptismal narratio with its three questions to the baptizand on faith in the Trinity see O. Pasquato, Catechese Katechismus: RAC 20, 463.

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