Orsayran Music Festival Sweden

The orsa region extends from the gentle agricultural landscape around Lake Orsasjon to the desolate lands of Finnmark in the north.

In the past many of the local inhabitants made grindstones as a sideline, a skill which can now be studied at Slipstensmuseet in Massbacken, 12 km (7 miles) northeast of Orsa.

In this part of Sweden animals are still taken to the mountains for summer grazing. Around Djurberga, Fryksas and Hallberg it is possible to see how dairymaids used to live, far from their villages, churning butter and making cheese from the milk of hornless mountain cattle and goats.

In Vamhus, on the western side of Orsasjon, two crafts are practised which in the past were a major source of income locally: basket weaving and making jewellery out of hair. The women used to walk as far afield as St Petersburg in Russia, and Germany, to sell their work.

Orsa Gronklitt. 10 km (6 miles) north of Orsa, is the main area for outdoor activities. At Orsa Bjornpark (Orsa Bear Park) special paths and ramps allow a close-up view of the bears, wolves, lynx and wolverine which live here in large enclosures.

The distinctive peak of Stadjan in the Nipfjallet mountains 1 Interior of a traditional mountain pasture hut at Balungen in eastern Dalarna

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