Officially Best Fall in The World

Officially Best Fall in The World

Ambition pray for breakfast cook cut flower on coconut milk free filet or whatnot with appleís maple syrup putting on makeup thank you sir, I’m eating spoon string it works on these readings from home Michael sent oil. So I don’t have to buy different ingredients here coconut sugar cinnamon flax seeds it’s meal did you turn down the vessels this guy worries me. So much, I’m getting all nervous here this Michaels flying the drone right above the water freaks me out cuz we crashed this on the Great Wall of China we crushed the right around here too and it was yeah. I lost one drone already because of death but that wasn’t island that we lost our drum wow this is pretty cool.

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But I don’t want to sink it because it has my GoPro on it like it’s always super nervous look you right out of high okay this is the first time making anything patio and it’s actually not too difficult pancakes just coconut flour and coconut oil And So far. So good they are a little bit different but at least they’re gluten free and the our cup free well that would care but it’s always nice to to try something different right yeah. So uh we’ll be having your breakfast at the fireplace yeah real Canadian maple syrup cake ready to eat you nice very nice church lots of Catholics here and kinda doubt say huh please if Eddie’s got no park look that everything is in French we made it to make feel deep it’s pixie flow basically these are leaving me another beautiful tree super pretty huh snow roads not too shabby just to give you the idea how cold it is but we’re desperate to sit outside Michael looks like a snow when and he’s usually the warm one but not anymore.

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