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Offaly City for The first edition of the Wall Street Journal appeared on July 8, 1889, running four pages and costing two cents. The new paper’s mission was to give fully and fairly the daily news attending the fluctuations in prices of stocks, bonds, and some classes of commodities. One of its chief features was the regular publication, beginning on October 7, 1896, of its famous Average, at first merely a daily averaging of the status of 11 industrial stocks. Before its appearance, while investors could track individual company’s performances on a day-today basis in the stock market, there was no central index for charting the performance of the entire market itself. Even though the Journal greatly facilitated the transmission of financial news to its customers, Dow Jones saw the need for even greater speed, establishing the Dow Jones News Service, which transmitted financial data across telegraph wires in the famous broad-tape and ticker system. In addition to journalism focused upon the day’s financial news and trends, the Wall Street Journal featured extensive tables of stock prices. The Journal retained its journalistic structure and editorial outlook after the founding partners sold their interests to the journalist Clarence W. Offaly City 2016.

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