Oakland Subway Map

PWK III, 1289-1290; DHGE XII, 199-201; EC III, 696; KLP III, 48-49; LTK 2, 876-877; E. de Ruggiero, Dizionario epigrafico di antichit  romana, II, Rome 1961, 14; V. Laurent, Le corpus des sceaux de l’empire byzantin, Paris 1963, XXX, 171; F. Hild, Das byzantinische Strassensystem in Kappadokien, Vienna 1977; J. Darrouz¨s, Notitiae episcopatuum Ecclesiae Constantinopolitanae, Paris 1981, 204 n. 6; 206 n. 73; 216 n. 1; 219 n. 88, etc.; F. Hild – M. Restle, Kappadokien, Vienna 1981, 193-196; B. Gain, L’‰glise de Cappadoce au 4e si¨cle, Rome 1985; Id., Kaisareia I in Kappadokien: RAC 19152 2001 992-1026. D. Stiernon II. Council. According to Lebon, a council was held here immediately after that of Ancyra 314, during the summer; five of the bishops present were also at Neocaesarea. Canons 20-25 of this council, which deal with punishments to be imposed for certain faults, actually belong to Ancyra the close temporal and geographic connection caused the combining of the two collections. An Armenian translation preserves ten canons, of which six 1, 3, 4, 5, 7 and 9 are part of the Council of Neocaesarea corresponding to canons 20-25. CPG 8503; J. Lebon, Sur un concile de Csare: Muson 51 1938 89-132; E. Honigmann, Two Alleged Bishops of Great Armenia as Members of the Synods of Ancyra 314 and Caesarea in Cappadocia: PSt, ST 173, Rome 1953, 1-5; P. L’Huillier, The Church of the Ancient Councils, Crestwood 1996, 208f.

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