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Nyc subway map for I was fully aware that no one else around me saw them, so I never brought it up, and never told anyone, not even my parents. At first the dead’ were silent, but later they began to manifest themselves in different ways, speaking and motioning to me so I would understand what they wanted. Much later ? twenty years later ? I understood the meaning of their presence. They no longer sat together in silence, encircling me, but appeared individually to me: either they would make their presence known to me or they would be signaling for help, especially for prayers. On many occasions, late at night or before sunrise, I would hear audibly a knock on the door, or sometimes the doorbell would ring. Upon opening I would not see anyone, but could sense a presence and knew that a soul was crying out to me for help. Sometimes I would be lifted into their realm and find myself among them. Nyc subway map 2016.

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