Number One Vacation Spot In America

Giant platters of glistening mineral accumulations with vertical gill-like swirls, reminiscent of undersea reef formations await your appreciation along the tour.

Just keep in mind to not be caught always looking up – watch those formations right at your feet to get a full appreciation for the wonders of Jewel Caves.

Number One Vacation Spot In America Photo Gallery

Although you eventually reach a stage of dullness – there’s just too much to take in, even when you do your viewing by flashlight and the provided formation lighting by the park system.

After almost an hour and a half below ground, we start making our way back up to the elevator shaft and the end of the underground tour of the cave – to enjoy the displays above.

Which, if given the choice, be sure to take the tour first before you start spending a lot of time, because after experiencing it, we found it rewarding to see the background to what we’d just experienced in just this very small segment of potentially over 200 miles of cave system (170 miles mapped at the time of our trip).

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