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TRANSPORTATION : London is a spread-out city. It will be worth your while to study the train and subway systems to various parts of it. They are good and not expensive. Taxis are available at all times and they are reasonable. There is excellent train and plane service all over England.

WATER : The water is safe to drink all over England.

WHAT TO BUY : There‚„s no purchasing tax for visitors on purchases worth ‚£5 ($14) or more if they‚„re delivered to the ship or plane or shipped home direct.

London is the Paris of men‚„s clothing. British tailors are the best in the world. Custom-made clothes are much cheaper than in American shops. A beautiful Scotch tweed suit costs about $100, compared with $250 in New York. Wonderfully soft camel‚„s hair coats can be bought for about the same price. Though some British tailors don‚„t do as good a job on women‚„s suits, you may wish to buy a length of tweed or woolen material to have made up at home. Handmade shoes cost around $25 a pair. They wear forever, too. The British make wonderful raincoats, including the famous Burberrys that are equally popular with men and women. Sweaters, socks and scarfs in lovely soft wool and cashmere are also relatively inexpensive. Fine umbrellas, long a British specialty, are for sale at very reasonable prices. Fine old English silver is selling at a fraction of its price in America. Buy Belfast linen and lace-like porcelain from Northern Ireland. Fine China and glass are a good buy, but fragile to ship.

WHAT TO WEAR : Even in the middle of summer the nights in England can get as cold as October weather. Eighty degrees is considered an unusually warm day in London. Don‚„t crowd your luggage with light cotton or tropical worsted clothes, unless you are

England, Wales and Northern Ireland going to warmer climates. A simple wool suit and lightweight wool dresses will fill a woman‚„s daytime needs in London. Black cocktail dresses or dressy suits are best after five. The English wear evening clothes much more than we do, so if you plan to go at all gala bring along your formal clothes. A lightweight topcoat and a warm evening wrap are musts. So are comfortable shoes for sightseeing and hiking. Casual sportswear, but not slacks, are correct in the country.

Lightweight flannel and worsted suits are fine for men in London. Odd tweed jackets worn with gray flannel slacks are good in the country. A raincoat is definitely a must all year round in England for both men and women. These suggestions are primarily for a summer wardrobe in England. If you are going in the winter, plan to wear heavier indoor and lighter outdoor clothes than you would in the-United States.

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