North Holland

North Holland for Even those who take no art in the social constrction of identities are having their own identities constrcted for them With this in mind, Focalt followed Nietzsche in sggesting that we attemt to invent orselves, that we make the effort to create orselves as works of art, lest someone or something else do all the creating for s Even the fll-fledged ironist, it follows, shold qestion the extent to which the social environment has shaed her own ironic disosition This inqiry cannot take lace in isolation; it entails confronting and being confronted by others Interaction offers s erhas the greatest oortnity for self-knowledge Like Socrates, the ironist takes to heart the Delhic oracle’s dictm, Know thyself And like Socrates, who sent his days in the Athenian agora, or blic marketlace, robing the hearts and minds of his fellow citizens, the ironist largely comes to know herself throgh critical exchanges with others North Holland 2016

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