North Brabant

North Brabant for Medieval monarchs and their cort scholars advocated the divine right of kings to legitimate their arbitrary and absolte rle Althogh de Tracy’s ideology originated as a seclar force aligned with science, and was itted against religios ower and rle, many ideological systems of belief today seek religios gronding for their olitical rojects For or roses, we may define ideology as a set of coherent beliefs and vales abot history, natre, sychology, and society that concetally and 220 thinking olitics ractically orders and organizes collective life Imortantly, ideologies are not simly any set of beliefs and vales The term ideology ertains only to those beliefs and vales systematically connected to each other within some coherent scheme that reinforces and is reinforced by relations of ower within society As one olitical theorist observes, Ideology is always abot ower becase it involves the determination of meaning and the legitimation of one set of meanings from among a cometing field In that sense, to talk of olitical ideologies is tatological, as the ower asect in all ideology is recisely its olitical element North Brabant 2016

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