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Its only unifying factor is there’s nothing to unify it, except heat. And when it comes to touring the Territory, it all depends how you like your heat, wet or dry.

With only 250,000 residents scattered within its borders, the area is not only the least populated but also the most underrepresented in parliament, with only two federal reps and two senators.

Last year when plans were brought up to finally give NT statehood and all the benefits that come with it, the locals weren’t interested in having some fancy name. Seeing as the original one wasn’t that crash-hot to begin with.

When the Sydney Morning Herald went to check out a potential change of name, they revealed the most popular names put forward were North Australia (yawn), Darwinia (lame), and Top End (describes only one part of the region).

It was only after a further 25,000 people were polled that we found out a couple more interesting ones. And in they rolled; Crocland; Croctopia; Barrafornia; and DeathStar, which received 24% of the unofficial poll.

Whatever the name, the Territory is too hot to quibble over anything that doesn’t make you smile, vivid proof being that at the same time as the boiling sun rises each morning, so too does the NT News and its bonkers headlines. And if you’re not smiling at these it’s probably best you give a Territory holiday a miss.

Take note dads everywhere, despite your protestations otherwise, newspaper headlines are still the only place where you can get away with puns.

Fortune favours the brave. After almost a decade working in remote communities I got the phone call we dream of. A seat at a table few of us are ever invited to. A deal was about to go down and I was in a position that was somewhat dreamlike

The organisation on the other end of the phone needed someone crazy enough to cover 16,000km in nine months; delivering programs in locations scattergunned across the NT.

Sure 9 months, 1 camper, 2 kids, 2 dogs and 22 locations across the NT We had to take on the sweltering Top End monsoons and brave the bitter winters of the southern desert country.

The next part was epic. During the trip we not only learnt how to survive as a family we also uncovered the lesser-known parts of the NT. It truly is a state of wet and dry, of jungle and desert.

To kick off the majesty of the Territory, we thought we’d give other tourers a breakdown on both parts of this magical place. Kicking off with the must-do highlights of ‘up north’, ‘the Top End’

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