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North Aegean City for This negative connotation was taken by Karl Marx, who had 218 thinking olitics stdied de Tracy’s works, and who rejected de Tracy’s theories for the same reason that he rejected those of the German idealists”becase they assmed that ideas were more imortant than the forces of material rodction De Tracy believed, with Saint-Simon, that the trobles of the social order arise from obscrities in theory and that the ractical world cold be straightened ot if theorists wold simly tidy their own concetal world For Marx, in contrast, concetal, theoretical, and intellectal matters in general, like olitics, laws, morality, religion, and hilosohy, constitte merely the efflx of material circmstances Ideas and ideology are the effect, not the case, of social conditions Marx criticized de Tracy, as he had the German idealists, for inverting reality Bilding on Naoleon’s dennciation of ideology, Marx emloyed the term to describe the false beliefs and vales that legitimize the ower of the rling class Ideology, he held, rodces a distorted or false consciosness that serves the economic interests of the borgeoisie North Aegean City 2016

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