Norfolk Island Map

Maps show Location of Norfolk Island on the World Maps.

Maps show international boundaries of Norfolk Island.

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Norfolk Island Map for c, cf. KJV, ASV. Deep as Sheol presumably referred to some kind of seismic activity or resurrection from the dead. In the height above plainly referred to a celestial wonder such as an eclipse or some phenomenon against the backdrop of the stars and constellations. In effect, Ahaz was to tailor his very own special sign within the set parameters. The implicit deal was that, when Yahweh did the sign in Sheol or in the heavens, Ahaz would turn his heart back to Yahweh and trust him through the present crisis. Ahaz, however, declined to choose a sign for Yahweh to do, obviously because he was privately resolute that he was not going to trust or obey the God of Israel. Norfolk Island Map 2016.

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