NiÄŸde City Of Turkey

Ni„¸de City Of Turkey for The philosophy of perspectivism was originally proposed by Friedrich Nietzsche (1844 1900), the German philosopher commonly credited with blazing the trail for postmodernism. Nietzsche maintained that objectivity as traditionally conceived was a nonsensical absurdity. He denied that there was knowledge in itself that did not bear the marks of the situated individuals who created it. Only interpretation from particular points of view exists. Nietzsche insists that there is only a perspective seeing, only a perspective knowing.’21 With this in mind, postmodernists do not attempt to uncover universal structures or patterns that operate according to a stable logic or scientific laws. They assume that their own identities, desires, and predilections are the products of social power and therefore acknowledge that their investigations will only reveal the effects of particular relations of power as they are theorized from a particular vantage point. Ni„¸de City Of Turkey 2016.

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