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Nicosia Map for , although Daniel's – horns have become Revelation's – heads.This concurs with the fact that the dragon's throwing of many stars to the earth in Revelation a is reminiscent of Daniel , where the little horn, representing the latter-day tyrant, threw down to the ground some of the host and some of the stars and trampled on them.In other words, in Revelation a Hydra is introduced in such a way as to identify him with the eschatological rebellion of humanity against Yahweh, which is led by a blasphemous world ruler.How might the meteor activity of Revelation elucidate the description of verse ? First, the ire color of Hydra is explicable astronomically with reference to the intense meteor activity in that part of the sky.

The high frequency of meteors, ireballs, and bolides would have caused the constellation to look like it was on ire from its heads to its tail.A Macon, Georgia, newspaper described what it was like during the Leonid meteor storm We do not jest when we say that stubborn hearts were bent and linty hearts melted into deep contrition at the alarming prospect of the heavens on ire.' So bright were the many thousands of meteors that copious witnesses spoke of the scene as one in which everything seemed to be on fire.Nicosia Map 2016.

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