Niagara Falls

Niagara Falls

We come to right why and we are there’s our fun a lot of one we are going to this tower right there further than there right now winner at skylon and it’s a revolving diamond girl should we go sunset and our that’s the American calls right behind us all right now it is pretty crazy gear and they do expect you to spin at least canadian dollars which is about american dollars per person just even sit down but we’re Picard sometimes it’s worth bout to pay fo the view and its really good these are the American side waterfall and they’re pretty. I mean. I think Canadians are prettier and we’re just about to see them hopefully before it gets dark but come on, I’m gonna say these are pretty. I don’t like these like cheesy tourist photos when you like a whole like it beats a tower like pulling it from leaning back or something. I should. I be holding the waterfall oh my gooood arrived hello food Oh muscles on the side Michael oh wow these are my posts vegan pitch goes finally something that.

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I can enjoy and it’s the base portion expand and my quarters secret skyland one of the best vegan meals I’ve ever had in a while you only treat vegans like normal people a giant fish veggies and there’s some tofu. So please was. So rich finally you don’t get minecraft is nice super commercial. I know and Colleen don’t expect to come to the National Park like it should be expected to arrive nagra Falls like Vegas with balls basically. I think that’s a good description like Vegas with like calls in the background neither all the restaurants all the fancy hotels he knows it’s a casino right there you know when you died and your info to heaven even though you don’t like cheesecake well that’s me right now one’s a second term Canadians like what is it about Canadians that you guys make such great desserts like this is. So unbelievably good it blows my mind it’s amazing it’s like it’s sick. I know the american falls. So they have cool white and red lights under wonderful and that’s a but just have reading lights here d elevator going out that’s what we’ve just been and the food was amazing can barely walk Oh buzz goods is the city center city center of the canadian side of niagara falls well say she’s like screaming it’s a camera. I hope you can hear me uh yes that’s the casino hotel that’s in front of our hotel here safe and yeah it’s like Vegas pretty much just way colder tokens we’re gonna ask for, I’m going oh my god all right. I have to focus here. I don’t move.

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