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Niagara falls vacation packages for For Martin, the Star of Bethlehem was Jupiter. He suggested that on December of BC the King Planet, as it began a retrograde phase, seemed to pause in the belly of Virgo, the celestial maiden. This apparent cessation of movement, according to Martin, would have been perceived to be astrologically signiicant. Moreover, on that date, when the Magi, now in Judea, were observing the sky in the run-up to sunrise, Jupiter was culminating almost degrees over the horizon in the south. Martin maintained that it is to this that Matthew was referring when he reported that the Star went before the Magi and then stood over the place where the child was Matt. According to Martin, Jesus was born on September , BC, when the Sun clothed Virgo and the Moon was under her feet Rev. Frederick A. Niagara falls vacation packages 2016.

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