Niagara Falls and Hamilton

Niagara Falls and Hamilton

Side-routes. A. St. Catharines to Port Weller (p. 75); B. St. Catharines to Port Colbourne (p. 76); C. St. Catharines to Port Dalhousie (p. 76).

Principal sights en route. Niagara Falls (p. 69); Fort George (p. 74); Welland Canal (p. 74); Niagara fruit belt (p. 77); Battle of Stoney Creek monument (p. 77).

Rail. C.N.R. Buffalo to Toronto, 118 m. via Suspension Bridge, N.Y., 3 hrs 50 mins. Niagara Falls (Ont.) to Toronto, 82 m., 2 hrs. 10 mins. C.P.R. Buffalo to Toronto, 102 m., 3 hrs. 15 mins.

Road, 116 m. The Peace Bridge, Buffalo to Fort Erie; the Niagara Bvd., Fort Erie to Niagara-on-the-Lake; provincial hwy. (paved), Niagara-on-the-Lake to St. Catharines; Hwy. 8, St. Catharines to Hamilton; Hwy. 2 (Lakeshore Hwy.),

Hamilton to Toronto
The fastest and most direct route from Buffalo and Niagara Falls to Toronto is by the Queen Elizabeth Hwy., 97 m. The route described below follows the whole course of the Niagara valley and avoids the Q.E. speedway.
Route-points. Niagara Falls, 20 m.; Niagara-on-the-Lake, 35 m.; St. Catharines, 47 m.; Hamilton, 80 m.; Oakville, 93 m.

Air. American Airlines operate a service between Buffalo and Toronto.

The route runs the whole length of the Niagara river from L. Erie to L. Ontario overlooking the world-famous attractions of the Upper Rapids, Horseshoe and American Falls, and Whfrlpool Rapids. It crosses the Welland ship canal, a vital artery in Canada‚„s economic life, and continues along the foot of the Niagara escarpment by which the land drops abruptly from the level of L. Erie (572 ft.) to the level of L. Ontario (245 ft.). The journey is now through one of the world‚„s great orchards: peaches, plums, strawberries and grapes in profusion, and this stretch is particularly beautiful when in blossom in spring. Canadian wines grown in this region have achieved a growing reputation. The final stage of the journey, from Hamilton to the suburbs of Toronto, brings the traveller close to the shore of L. Ontario, and through a beautifully developed high-class residential area.


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