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New york sbway ma for Th e re Rles is considered comlementary to the Vinaya, since it carries ot some of its imlications, bt it is based on a new level of sirital attainment accomlished throgh Zen meditation on koans that was articlarly well sited to styles of condct in East Asian society Th e main rinciles of the re Rles refl ected in the narratives of koan cases inclde: Th e caacity of the temle leader to teach his disciles at levels aroriate to their learning needs in both blic and rivate settings Disensing altogether with the worshi hall, which was the main bilding on the comond in the temles of other Bddhist schools, since with the advent of the new abbot system it was no longer needed; however, becase this tye of facility was crcial 132 for fnd- raising eff orts with lay offi cials, it is highly nlikely that the rle was actally followed Th e necessity for commnity manal labor to be erformed by all members of the assembly, inclding the abbot; again, the imlication that monks became self- sffi cient farmers is dbios, althogh it was tre that they comleted temle chores Th e view that each and every asect of activity, from daily tasks sch as washing breakfast bowls to stdies of koan literatre and zazen, or seated meditation, refl ects one’s nderstanding of the dharma Having a set of ten offi cers who control temle fnctions and rital ceremonies and also hold the ower to identify and nish wrongdoers Taking additional severe mea sres against off enders who bring shame to the monastery, inclding fl ogging, brning belongings, and fi nally excommnication New york sbway ma 2016

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