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Several councils were occupied with the case of Apiarius, a priest of Sicca Veneria in Africa Proconsularis who, excommunicated by his Bishop Urbanus for various misdemeanors, took his case to Rome. New York Metro Map Tourist Attractions Pope Zosimus received him favorably and, during the summer of 418, sent a legation to Carthage charged with his instructions on this and on various points of discipline CCL 149, 90-93: he openly asked that, in cases regarding bishops, recourse to Rome should always be possible, in accordance with the provisions laid down by the Council of Nicaea on the matter of appeals, and that, in cases concerning priests and deacons, appeal should be made to neighboring bishops. In support of these requests, the pope produced texts which he thought were Nicene, but which were in fact two canons of the Council of Serdica. The Africans reacted with determination to Rome’s demands: they reaffirmed their veneration for the decisions of Nicaea but put forward very clear reservations about Zosimus’s texts, of which they found no trace in the Greek copies of that council. In all probability, Zosimus never saw this reply: he died on 27 September 418, and not until April 419 could his successor Boniface send messengers to Carthage to inform Zosimus’s delegates about events at Rome and to confirm his predecessor’s mandate to them.

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