New York Dining 2015


(West of Sixth Ave. east of Eighth Ave. from W. 24th to W. 34th sts. and east of Ninth Ave. from W. 34th to W. 42nd sts.)

Bar Basque Spanish Eventi A Kimpton Hotel, 839 Sixth Ave. btw w. 29th 8, W. 30th sts. 1 646 600 7150. Wild mushroom croquettes and free range Iberico ham can accompany codfish with baby root vegetables and grilled whole sea bass with txakoli wine, fennel, artichoke and crispy ham. Breakfast, lunch, dinner daily; AE, D, DC, MC, V;$$$.

Crudo Euro Caribbean 235 w. 35th St. btw Seventh & Eighth aves. 695 9001. Chef Rene Flernandez creates such dishes as seafood stew, and grilled skirt steak with yucca. Lunch, dinner Mon Sat; AE, D, MC, V; $. H15

Frankie & Johnnie’s Steakhouse Steak House 32 W. 37th St. btw Fifth 8i Sixth aves. 947 8940; 269 W. 45th St. btw Broadway & Eighth Ave. 997 9494, The classic steak and chophouse boasts prime cuts of beef and a raw bar featuring shrimp and lobster cocktail. Complimentary limo rides are offered to and from the Midtown restaurant. Lunch Mon Fri, dinner Mon Sat; AE, DC, MC, V; $$ G15, H14.


(East of Park Ave. So. from E. 14th to E. 23rd sts. and east of Fifth Ave. from E. 23rd to E. 30th sts.)

Bistro Lamazou Mediterranean 344 Third Ave. btwE. 25th a E. 26th sts. 481 8550, bistro Executive Chef Jean Claude Teulade’s wine friendly tapas and large plates pay homage to the foods of Italy, France, Spain, Morocco and Tunisia. Mon & Wed, 6 7 p.m.: wine and cheese tasting. Lunch, dinner daily; AE, MC,V; $$.E16

BLT Prime Steak House 777 E. 22ndSt, btw Lexington Ave. & Park Ave. So. 995 8500. Meat and potatoes are dressed up with Wagyu skirt steak, porterhouse for two with three mustards and double cut rack of lamb with red wine sauce. Dinner nightly; AE, DC, MC, V; $$$&2‚£P E17

Crooked Knife, The lrish 29E. 30th St. btw Park & Madison aves. 696 2593; and one other NYC location. Traditional pub fare poached chicken potpie, Angus beef stew and salmon burgers. Lunch Mon Fri, dinner nightly, brunch Sat Sun; AE, D, MC, V; $.

Gravy American 32 E. 21st St. btw Park Ave. So. & Broadway, 600 2105,
Southern classics, such as crawfish gumbo fritters, crispy chicken with andouille, greens and beans and scallops over honey grits, are given a modern spin by Executive Chef Michael Vignola. Dinner nightly; AE, D, DC, MC, V; $$ &2‚£P F17

Trulli Ristorante Italian 122 E. 27th St. btw Lexington 8, Park aves. 481 7372. The family owned restaurant’s menu features pastas and more than 450 wines. Breakfast, lunch Mon Fri, dinner nightly; AE, MC, V; $$ &20 F16
Novita Italian 702 E. 22nd St. btw Lexington Ave. & Park Ave. So. 677 2222. Seasonal cuisine at this 60 seat wine bar includes pan fried shiitake mushrooms filled with shrimp and scallions and diver scallops with broccoli rabe. Lunch Mon Fri, dinner nightly; AE, DC, MC, V;$$ 20‚£P F17
New York Dining 2015 for The slow progress in the acquisition of equal rights and opportunities for African Americans is a case in point. Hundreds of years of black slavery were ended with the Civil War. After the war, the Constitution provided that no state could deny any person equal protection under the law, but this proviso was largely unenforced. A period known as Jim Crow developed, initiating a semiformal acceptance of racial discrimination and segregation. Almost a century would elapse before Chief Justice Earl Warren led the Supreme Court to rule in the 1954 case of Brown v. Board of Education that segregation in schools should be outlawed. The Court repudiated the separate but equal doctrine, arguing that the educational separation of minority children generates a feeling of inferiority as to their status in the community that may affect their hearts and minds in a way unlikely ever to be undone. New York Dining 2015 2016.

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