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New Taipei City Map on Smith is usually identified as a proponent of economic LIBERALISM, because he combined his optimistic view of economic competition and restrained self-interest with the liberal assumptions of man’s inherent goodness and collective goal to work for the interests of the common good. Unlike modern liberals, Smith believed that economic behavior did not require government intervention to achieve the maximum good for society. Goodness could not be imposed, but rather would be a natural consequence of human behavior. American laissez-faire. The 18th-century American counterpart to Locke, the Physiocrats, and Smith was Thomas JEFFERSON (17431826). Jefferson was the epitome of the Renaissance man, talented in architecture, music, philosophy, government, history, literature, and economics. He was one of the most complex men of his time, being simultaneously one of the great liberal thinkers of all time yet a slave owner, a proponent of laissez-faire economics yet the president who pushed for the trade embargo of 1808, a believer in limited government yet one of the architects of the UNITED STATES. New Taipei City Map 2016.

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