Neisha Crosland contemporary fabrics London

137 Fulham Rd, SW3 020 7589 4866 Open 10-6, noon-5 Sun 8 Elystan Street, SW3 020 7584 7988 Open 10-5:30 Mon-Sat Neisha Crosland started out designing scarves and has branched out into clothes, accessories and home furnishings, all in her striking abstract prints. The tiny Fulham Road shop sells her Ginka fashion label; go round the corner for cushions and wallpaper.

Neisha Crosland contemporary fabrics London Photo Gallery

Whatever children learn, Vygotsky believes, they first experience in a social interaction with someone, usually a parent, teacher, or peer, and then internalize the social interaction at the individual and psychological level. For example, preschoolers learn about their culture from taking on society’s roles in dramatic play with their peers. They learn what mothers, fathers, and policemen do, and their language and knowledge grow as they take on these roles. Vygotsky describes a unique concept called the zone of proximal development. There is a range of actions a child can perform alone, demonstrating a capacity that is clearly internal.

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