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Biblograpy The old Latin word from the verb celo had many meanings: grotto, tomb, the individual openings in a beehive, small and usually poor room, servant’s room, prison cell, wine- or grain-store. The term is found in Greek papyri from the 2nd c. AD Papyr. Florent. 10, 7; Papyr. Lips. 102, II, 1; Papyr. Wessely: WS 24 1902 35; Papyr. Oxyrh. III 502, 55, 224. In monastic language, starting in Egypt, this Latin term was used to express one of the most characteristic elements of this way of life, the solitary but hospitable place in which the monk sought recollection, prayer, life with God Ruf., H. mon. 1; Cass. Nashville-Davidson Metro Map Conl. 6, 15; Caes. of Ar., Reg. 23; Bened., Reg. 1. 22. 36. 53. 58. The singular fact that a Latin term should be used for a creation of Egyptian origin is explained by reflecting on the popular level of monasticism and on the popular value and content of that term. ThLL 3, 759ff.; DIP 2, 744-745; ODC 311; LMA 9, 520-521; LTK 2, 987.

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