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Namibia best places to visit on If traders are prejudiced against the French, for example, then they may be unwilling to buy French products no matter how high the quality or how low the price. Their actions signal that French products are less desirable, perhaps resulting in a drop in French production, regardless of whether or not these products are better than the favored alternatives. There may be no way to know, by observing the market, if the prejudices are shaped by perceptions of differences in quality or prejudices based on more irrational factors. The market cannot tell us this. Similarly, if economic agents are addicted to nicotine, their purchase of cigarettes may be a relatively involuntary response to their addiction, rather than a signal that cigarettes are a desirable product. Nevertheless, the demand for cigarettes may generate a higher production of a good that has significant negative social impact. And because markets bring together unique human beings, or groupings of human beings, to engage in transactions, there is never a market within which the two parties are equal. Namibia best places to visit 2016.

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