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Nagoya Subway Map on Much of the rural population lives in tribal communities, leading nomadic or semi-nomadic existences. Due to migration from rural areas, the proportion of urban dwellers continues to rise. Called Mesopotamia in classical times, Iraq was home to the world’s earliest civilizations, and was later part of the Ottoman Empire. In 1932, Iraq gained formal independence, and in 1945 was a founding member of the League of Arab States. In 1958 Iraq was proclaimed a republic, but in reality a series of military dictators have been in power, the most recent being Saddam Hussein. In the 1980s, Iraq fought an eightyear war with Iran. Due to war expenditures, Iraq incurred financial difficulties, which led the government to impose austerity measures, borrow heavily, and later reschedule debt repayments. Nagoya Subway Map 2016.

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