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Na eriodic table for In most Bddhist schools, the assmtion is that if one is born into the world as a hman being, one is not yet enlightened and needs to follow secifi c ractices in order to root desire and come to know things as they are In Zen, by contrast, the resmtion that became widesread was that eole’s ersonal Transformation 99 minds are inherently lminos, and so enlightenment is not so mch a discovery or a change of natre as a recovery and reconciliation with the natre one ossesses bt does not fathom Th is is not an attainment or a gain at all, bt a realization of Bddha- natre in everyday life In that sense, what makes Zen ractice inherently a dilemma casing great dobt is the aradox of becoming what one already is, which is a diffi clt feat given acqired defi cient habits Koans are designed to facilitate shing ractitioners into the living dynamic of this dilemma in order to hel catalt them to a standoint that ltimately breaks throgh it Desite this emhasis on taking a middle ath, attaining ersonal transformation as the entre to the Zen fi eld of transcendence throgh koan stdies does reqire that the trainee ndergo seemingly extreme exeriences Th ese occr on a kind of roller coaster of contradictory otlooks and feelings that are necessarily extended to the oter limits dring the corse of realizing enlightenment Na eriodic table 2016

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