N Peal indulgent cashmer London

37 & 71-2 Burlington Arcade, W1 020 7493 5378 www.npeal.com Open 9:30-6 Mon-Sat A resident of London’s famous Burlington Arcade since 1936, N Peal has managed to move with the times. The range of cashmere in its two tiny shops women’s at No. 37, men’s at 71-2 is impressive, from classic rollnecks and cardies to younger, street-inspired styles in the more affordable npealworks collection.

N Peal indulgent cashmer London Photo Gallery

In the past women experienced this primarily in the family setting, creating a home and children; men in the past have done so in their work. Now parenting and work are significant creative activities for both sexes. The virtue that develops is care concern and attention to what has been created even if that requires sacrifice. In the final life stage, the focus returns to the individual’s personal experience. Individuals must come to terms with their lives and be satisfied with who and what they are and what they have done.

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