Morning Oh further by. I just woke up when. I figured a lot of time you guys ask me how. I start my morning when traveling. And it’s not as nice. And thoughtful that. I do when, I’m at home just because, I’m. So busy. And that’s very little time. So when. I quickly show you how. I said my morning. And my essentials my travel right now. I wanna have thirty four forty third floor in Dubai. And my apartment. And I do like to stay in apartments. And there being these over hotels for the reason that. I often get to like radicular coming home. And I already live in a city. So I live. I put my hair. And add braids because that helps me get some curls that much effort tell me we’ll be sitting in the morning not even but it’s super bright the tallest building in the world right there. So yeah. I wake up go to the bathroom here just to wash my face. And you know do something with my hair right now it’s upgrade but in minutes these crows will like strengthen. And almost perfect for photos without much effort after. I wash my face. And head to the kitchen. And it will tell us a little bit tricky because then. I wouldn’t have to actually waves to go like a buffet or something but a little easier the apartment. And have started with hot water with lemon always when they say to travel with my own because that really helps me start today well let’s take the ride come on. And believe it or not. I tend to drink way more coffee traveling because the time difference in my voice like what is going on. So I do do cream or coffee but there’s always a whole lemon. I’ll be soon making breakfast too um yeah.


I find is a real hard when. I travel to eat what. I really want to eat just because of you know different cultures have different menus from breakfast but today after you finish my hot water with lemon. I’ll be having my grandma but avvocato which makes it super happy because that’s like my favorite breakfast. I ate at home let’s take a look at May first here we went to this local place. And got really camping stuff like eggplant. And chickpeas. And Bubba ghanoush which. I love. So, I’m going to finish this banana with some berries that are from Mexico later. And your bird on this map is done very basic bridge but guess what. So this is such nice packaging in Arabic anyone knows Arabic Oh Jeff looks not easy. I didn’t we’ll need a coffee later. But I have to tell you that in section a telephoto to be honest if you watch my morning post. I do at home which. I will link below it is Oh fancy. And I’m doing all these things but when. I travel like we have to leave in about minutes. So if. I don’t go through the photos just to make sure that. I can post something on my Instagram for the people that follow our journey to nowhere, I’m doing.

And where. I am morning is usually time when. I actually can catch up on my blog in general just because not much is happening but other than that the way. I travel it’s very very intense. And I love to be out. And about. And really enjoy the morning. I usually take most of my photos in the morning in cities just because it’s less busy. So right now we’ll be leaving very early to make sure we get to Portugal Inca the tallest building in the world before everyone else would be the first people to actually show up there. So again that doesn’t leave me a lot of time in the morning for myself but what. I definitely do now that. I finished my sandwich um. But I wash my hands just gonna just sit with my breakfast. And just stare outside or if it’s in a hotel somewhere else. I just relax. And eat. And enjoy the views. And my surroundings with Italy ten minutes like right here you know about water. And just you know stir out. And kind of feel the city that man you’ll divide. And as soon as, I’m done, I’m gonna like go take a shower put my makeup on yes. I will show you. Because I know a lot of people think that. I usually take two hours to reading. And drew my breakfast in the morning because in reality when, I’m very very busy these are my essentials making sure that my body feels good with hot water eating some healthy breakfast making sure that. I can you know would make do something with my hair. And we enjoy the place at M n. I hope you enjoyed this post. And if you want to see my next post about how. I get ready bit know in the comments below oh that’s a good one more post for you that’s a love. And I’ll see on the next post make sure to subscribe.

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