Hi guys this is a couch. I wonder who shoes is straight from a levite. And don’t be fooled by the weather that literally raining outside And So I wanted to take this time honey you know spend some time on myself. And my beauty routine it’s actually number one question you asked me apart from my photo editing how do. I keep up my beauty routine when traveling. And it’s definitely not easy. And today. I team up with the SE to talk to you about my nail. And nail care especially on the go they came out with their latest with your collection called bring in the bling. And I wanted to show it to you. And I wanted to show you how. I get my nails done my personal little trick is to actually get a because see-through clear coat of gel polish before the trip. So kind of that keeps my nails just like clean look without actually having any nail polish but then when. I ready travel. I like to change different colors. So see if. I had gel on. I would get bored of it after two or three weeks right the same color.


But I can’t think of gel when, I’m traveling but then then will neighborhood gets chipped. So this is my little trick gel banks. And then, I’m using traditionally. And polish on the top. And it lets me keep it nice. And fresh. So these are SC’s latest colors from my latest collection. And let me show you each of our cute. And here they are this is there a ring. And they’re playing ruby red with a light of navy blue. I don’t know if you can see it well it’s beautiful this one is B cherry bright red which you cannot go wrong by the way this is total like best desk ever not for nails or writing or whatever it is this is feeling right. I wore it a lot in Thailand recently. So if you watch my talent log they actually see a lot of this Sweden tide over here this is socialites this is a great one. And on your mistletoes is this green which told you with work look at the ocean. I almost feel like. I should do this College a second like – the ocean. And let’s look at least new year new hue very nice what.

I really like about these whatever you like about these nail polishes that there are a winter collection but because they travel to. So many tropical destinations, I’m always worried about like sticking to very dark colors but these actually work very well because things don’t come on very very dark which is awesome alright. So let me show you how. I do it. And yeah. And you know how. I look pretty. Because I usually, I’m not the best like nail expert or they’re also the same. So let’s try. So, I’m actually gonna go back to Sweden tied student ID, I’m super easy since. I already have my base on my nails got. So long while, I’m. So impressed that’s one good thing about what. I really like about really just taking the time every now. And then to do my nails because they just get longer. And healthier it finished my two layers. And I am going to use the speed center because patience is not one of my virtues. And if you can save time on drying your nails. And why not it’s right. And voila now a few more minutes before it dries off. And yeah. I have to plan what, I’m gonna do it that right hopefully it’s only temporary but if not empty space.

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