Hi this is agata one who shoes money motivation a pinch of inspiration at the beginning of your week to give energy to go get it today I’d like to talk to you about my life motto. And if you have been to my blog you know that the very first thing that you will see there is Aguila travel the name of her blog. And then my life motto which is the secret to living is giving. And a little bit of adventure every now. And then well, I’m not very original X didn’t come up with the first part of this moto actually heard it. And I’ll tell you how it happened. I was in traffic in LA stuck on the. And sometimes what. I do is play YouTube posts but not to watch but usually like interviews they’re like podcast they can just basically listen to. I put the phone on my CD, I’m just listening to people talking. And one of. I came across this post. I think. I was looking for Tony Robbins. So it got suggested to me. I cannot honestly remember. But I watched the post by Lewis house. And to Tony Robbins.


And it was on Tony Robbins private plane. I was like oh I’ve seen ty Robbins before that’s the motivational speaker. I think he’s one of these guys that would be more like oh he’s all into like go get it you know um someone who encourages people to be better in their business. So I wasn’t necessarily like in love with Tony Robbins. I just knew almond. And the interview started. And it was about he’s um a documentary that got released back last year. And it was. So crazy. Because I still remember the moment he got to the point when there was has more Tony. So what is your life motto would you believe it would you believe to be true. And Tony said. I believe that the secret to living is giving. And I remember that moment. I could goosebumps. And I was like holy this guy is right. And he went on to detail to explain that the only way to succeed in life. And to have a meaningful life is to contribute to society two other people said as long as you think about yourself. And about your success. And about like you know my success for example, I’m just going to give my followers my because in like. I have that many followers as opposed to there are people out there they might actually need this post or there are people that need some travel inspiration. So maybe yes this photo that. I took is not great or. I don’t feel like writing another blog post but maybe there is someone out there who’s looking for some more travel inspiration or information or motivation. And maybe they need that one great photo from this beautiful place like. I go there. And my job is to share it. And to encourage others to step out of their comfort zone. And you know my first reaction was like oh he’s talking about like giving citizen like donate money. And this is great.

And he even says that if you don’t donate a out of you will never donate a million out of the million. So he said like people have this idea that once you’re rich enough they will start donating more but it’s not true. And he’s just it’s very important for him to make sure that always of everything he makes kids donated one way of another. And you know my first reactions like whoa. I don’t think I’ve donated ten percent of my money over the years. And I feel like, I’m a generous person but then. I was. I don’t really have opportunities to donate as much. And ever since then I’ve made sure that. I assured my you know my money like ten percent. And it was like it doesn’t think it doesn’t matter how much it isn’t just matters has to be about ten percent of what. I make um you know. So just it doesn’t have to be a large number but it has to be ten percent or a percentage of what. I make. Because I think you always fall into the treble cycle. I can barely make it you know make ends meet but that’s even though it’s true there’s always more to give but at the same time there is. So much more that you can give the money. And it is your energy your time what you share with the world. And others. So for example just the fact that you find something inspiring. And you shared with other people is already very giving. And contributing.

So I believe that the most successful people are the ones that contributed the most to others whether you see the biggest you out of the company are the most successful companies say Facebook or Apple or. I don’t know like a car company there were people that became millionaires only because they fulfill the great need for other people creating a telephone said. I was very selfish no because it enabled people other other people to connect with your close one. So it’s fantastic right. So I believe the success in life you you are going to be extremely successful. And extremely rich if you can fulfill people’s needs more than anyone else if you contribute more than anyone else. And they often feel like. I see bloggers they’re way ahead of me in the blogging journey. And I say you don’t want they totally deserve because the amount of content. And motivation. And how much of themselves they give it’s actually way more to what, I’m giving right now. And they’re my you know my inspiration my goal over time. And I’d say if you are stuck at some point in your business think about how you more you can contribute to others. And make it more about other people. And less about yourself this is something, I’m learning for sure. And and if you would like to be my partner in figuring out how to actually do it. And how to contribute beyond anything you thought you are capable of please join my private Facebook group for Monday motivation folks that we’re meeting there to talk about our plans. And dreams. And it’s a community that’s very supportive. And very beautiful. So I would love for you to join us there, I’m there as well ready to answer any questions you have. And it’s basically like my private friends group basically yeah. And if you enjoy this post please to subscribe to my blog there’s. So much more coming. And you don’t want to miss my next post because it’s gonna be just as interesting as this one thanks. So much for reading. And I wish you an amazing rest of your week lots of love. And see you next Monday.

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