Hi this is a cloud chocolate Hershey’s and today will be more of a lifestyle you think however if you think about LA and Hollywood in general as a tourist attraction that. I guess do travel related post as some of you may know. I work and, I used to work way more now now not. So much anymore in Hollywood making movies TV series and TV commercials now. Because I happen to live in Los Angeles and work in Hollywood. I happen to meet a lot of celebrities and a lot of people who am. I asking like oh my god this has other things and tell me what it’s really like to work in Hollywood well it’s obviously not as fun as living your life like as if it’s a movie why would.

I be making like fake stories if my life could be a movie and control of the world there are two kinds of people that work in Hollywood those that could not care less about celebrities and those they’re completely obsessed with celebrities and they only work in Hollywood because they just get like super excited about hanging out with someone who’s famous. I have always belonged to the first group. I grew up my parents both worked for polish televisions. I grew up hanging out with famous people my ex was an actor. I for me famous people are nothing special. I also used to work on a TV show. I was a TV presenter when. I was years old and this TV show was pretty popular it was called over to Isaiah and uh weird Polish guy and, I go to the point where people uh you know there were like school tours coming to our show was a live TV show five times a week and they would recognize me and they would want to have a photo with me and they would ask me to sign a photo or a sign. I don’t know something they were selling like our photos there and alSo I would have people like write like fan emails to me and wait for me in front of the building with some flowers. So that was me at years old. So I kind of felt like slightly famous like would recognize me on the street every now and then.

So Because I was famous for like a second of my life that anymore. I wish uh it was like oh, I’m still the same person alike it doesn’t like all us and just someone knows means like a friend like. I mean this doesn’t influence me. So maybe that’s why even when. I got to see the biggest stars in Hollywood like Brad Pitt or Angelina Jolie or you know how to become Priya, I’m like oh cool they pretty much look like um like they do in real life right. So like on the movies it’s not a big deal. So, I’m not gonna come up with some crazy stories. But I have to say just hanging out and living in LA. I ran into all sorts of people. I just said la Yanks since, I’m there pretty often and, I flown with Zac Effron I’ve long with the crew – Ian’s um Cameron Diaz not a big deal it’s fun of course it’s a guy. I always fight it was a feeling of fighting with friends and it’s a funny story.

MY CELEBRITY STORIES FROM WORKING IN HOLLYWOOD Chris Pratt Chris Martin Aaron Paul Photo Gallery

I was flying from Cuba and and we were boarding first because really. I think we could have discussed or something and right in front of me with someone everybody. So I, I’m looking at him as like oh hi. Because I thought oh he’s my friend hey what’s going on and like. I don’t know this guy and, I think he’s like famous and, I just thought. I know him as a friend and this turn out to be Chris Pratt who was like super sweet and then we were stuck on a bus at LAX for like minutes because no one wanted to pick up like the bus driver got lost and then we was go through immigration together and he was super sweet and we’ll shut up to every single lady with a baby talking to the babies and he’s amazing but it’s one of these stories when you realize that it just feels like an old friend whenever you see some more than famous to me um. I don’t have to tell one more thing. I actually avoid working with cypher days whenever. I work it. So like. I avoid but it’s very rarely that. I would like to work with someone these few people like Ellen DeGeneres or Tina Fey people that. I really admire but in reality working with famous people is a total pain in the butt. I works on the movie with iron Paul from Breaking Bad. I haven’t seen Breaking Bad. So I didn’t know him but he was like the kindest awesome guy loved and super relaxed very chilled and we’re working on this movie and such a funny story this is basically it was a low-budget movie independent. I think it’s called come come away with me and it was shot in Vancouver and they were shooting just to pick up scenes. So cold pick up scenes in LA for about five days and, I was part of that production team but it was.

So funny. Because I would imagine that we would close the entire streets because there were a lot of scene the scenes of him walking down the street and going into the train station and he would walk there and, I’m like oh sure gonna have a guy close the street this is like alright Paul and they’re like no suppose like a dude with a camera running in front of a iron pole and he was just walking around and we had to have a guy with a giant sign that says hey we’re about to film a movie just. So you know. So you’re not part of the movie and this is very important this is one of the things. I do when. I work in production as a coordinator or production assistant is whenever you film in public you have to warn people that they’re being movie of course sorry about peanut you have to warn people that they’ve been film of course but then you have to have a proof that you actually told them that you’re filming. So there’s not only a guy filming Aaron Paul there’s another people like running around with these giant signs pointing at people that they’re being filmed there’s another person filming the people that to prove whenever someone would get upset that we actually were showing people. So it looks like just like people were running across and our approach is pretend like it’s oh cool. So that’s that was kind of funny and it’s always great for an actor it’s easy to be an actor when you’re on Rue but whenever used to run by people running around you and you’re like pretending to be just normal it’s very hard. So I my whole respect awesome. I have one more. So. I’ll be stirred when. I was working that movie it was with Annabelle Wallis and it was her birthday and she’s like also can you drive me for my birthday parties my boyfriend’s house and like yes sure why not it’s in Malibu, I’m like.

I live by the beach it’s all cool. So, I’m dropping her off it’s like you should come by the way my boyfriend’s. So cold ah okay yeah sure no worries like your she was an awesome person and we end up spending a lot of time together in the car and she was telling me how much she loves her boyfriend but like. I didn’t know who her boyfriend was until. I show up and it turns out that it was Chris Martin from Coldplay in his house. So oh it takes my was like hey babe, I’m actually at Chris’s Martin’s house like at a birthday party don’t ask questions it’s awesome and at that birthday party of course there were all these celebrities but like Chris Martin was super kind and we end up talking actually, I’m just wanna one about traveling and stuff and and honestly there are very few people that impressed me as much as he did he seems one of the coolest kindest guys I’ve ever met and the fact that he has the same sign as. I do on the wall which is note to self be kind be kind be kind of like that’s like my soul buddy. So I ever since is like. I love Coldplay and it reminds me of that conversation and that night it was a beautiful night filled with laughs and amazing people and then. I remember overlooking standing at by the poolside and he’s mentioned and just looking at the ocean and the couple came up to me and, I was like oh this is. So nice just you know this pool this ocean view. I love the Pacific and the guys like oh yeah. I like the specific two. I live next door and, I love the sound of the waves and, I’m like oh you know what after like. I used to be like that but ever since my sailing trip of course the Pacific sailed from Mexico to Australia and like step on these little islands but you don’t know the name support from wherever. So door it’s like no no. I know the South Pacific tell me more about it, I’m like okay mark cuz his name was Mark like the first time. I was like oh I’ve worked on nuku hiva like oh cool what are you sure.

I said. I worked on the survivor, I’m like oh cool cool whatever And So I came back home and it was an awesome night and then. I took to Michael’s like oh you know. I made it guy medic guy he was. So nice like. So nice to me and we end up like talk me. So much with him and he thrive like the nicest people his name is Mark he actually worked in the survivor and he knows my Island nuku hiva Isaac but mark but it was not like Mark Burnett the the god of television like the producer and creator of the bodies a survivor and he’s done Shark Tank did Celebrity Apprentice, I’m like. I don’t think. So I don’t know. I I wouldn’t. I would recognize him sec he’s the MGM’s like CEO, I’m like no probably not he just worked on survival on my cuz. I close at the thought of microphone and they got off tap shoes that he gave. I like it is. I had no idea. So I guess that was very fun and, I end up meeting the most influential producers in televisions history and not even recognize them but he was super super sweet and cool and, I love talking to him. So if he ever watches it Mark Burnett you are awesome and at that party are also good to meet our impalas wife Lauren and, I have to tell you she’s my total girl crush she is absolutely stunning and beautiful but it’s more than energy that she has she’s a beautiful kind loving strong person and the work she’s doing with her bullying foundation where it basically stops little girls from being bullied from other girls and from someone like me who’s been bullied in the past this she’s my absolute women crush and, I doll and, I really really like what she said all right. So these are my Hollywood stories and as you can tell people that usually impressed me are the people that are kind loving talented but also interesting as people unnecessarily just because there are a famous actor yeah.

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