Hi guys good morning welcome this is a key travel issues. And I usually share with you the most beautiful location. And I would be like hold of care what. I do in the morning to get ready is all about locations but then. I figured you know. I actually care how other people get ready when traveling is that the room with a shared with you, I’m recording another beauty post as well. So make sure you find it if it’s available yet. And if. I ended, I’m currently taking Cambodia. And I want to show you how. I do my five-minute morning makeup. I never had more time than that super easy. I started with them SPS this is Swanberg Meera. And I’m going to link everything down below, I’m obsessed with everything Europe is the only brand that doesn’t give me more imperfections. And clears my skin. I don’t necessarily use their acne prone a product but just any products just. So much better love them. So I kind of buys a can. I put the moisturizer all with an SPF of at least. Because I used to travel to tropical locations. And then. I go to foundations. I have been obsessed with NARS these skin tends. And that was like my skin is really bad before using a skin Jim. I need apart like a proper foundation there’s no way. I can use a skin tint this work is magic it’s still. So light but pretty much how the last thing. I want to do is to feel like it’s heavy because it wears an entire day like it’s super hot. And moist. And obviously it’s blessing what.


I do is to feel. And publish on my skin. So I have started using this Dublin mask engine it’s very matte. And it’s great but it started getting a little bit too bright for me. And this is color medium Morris it looks like this it’s been used a lot. I use it every day when. I travel just a little bit of works magic. And then. I decided you know what. I want a little bit over the shine when. I travel could do a little bit too matte. And in one of the little darker too. Because I kind of like the radiant feel. I like everything shiny even though, I’m like sweating. And the location says they’re using this a tinted moisturizer pure radiant version. So this one’s slightly darker this is medium. color Cuzco um. And I like darker skin out. I like to you know my face is always a little lighter than the rest of my body. Because I really really really protect my skin And So yeah. I kind of music a little darker from they shouldn’t kind of wet it in. And this is what they look right now here there you go that’s it. And I want to show you how they like if. I spread them over it looking like this. I just blend them in all mixed in together. And I just use this brush. And just kind of like put it on one face. And a little bit of my neck your the tint look. And I really have it on now. I love these pants oh my god. I have to show you this. And then one of my muscles are contouring. And these are from Smashbox. And these are these pens that. I use like literally like this on my nose here super easy super simple they’re like crying. And I just this is super hard. I do realize how hard it is for beauty bloggers to do that this little brush like this. And I’m just gonna blend it in. And sometimes that can skip contouring altogether if, I’m in a hurry the two things. I would always always do is to do my my foundation or something for my skin to be one color. And my eyebrows. I have a lash extension. And I should use a different brush. And I usually do but extracting the creases like, I’m not used to doing this kind of posts here you go to another brush. I use these Real Techniques brushes are great I’ve had them forever, I’m just going supplement yeah. So I have lash extensions just. Because I hate wearing mascara. And I was blown lashes. So obviously it’s very hard for me not to look like, I’m dead but that was guys. I have to wear my scar because um. I don’t like tinting.

So much. And I do like my lashes a little darker but um if. I yeah salacious lash extensions like they’re not that much longer than my natural lashes but they’re dark. And they always like open up my eye. So my wake up on the goat is super basic. And that’s how. I always like just gets like all it starts. And use your raccoon eyes. And stuff like that which. I hate especially on my traveling like jump into the fortunes of supposed to do it I’ve never had to worry about it alright. So I grab they’re like my such an important part of my a beauty morning routine like hope. I feel like they change your entire face. So let me show you the whole what. I have here come on. So many goodies to share with you as, I’m using the same. I wrote that up forever it took me a long time to do it because, I’m blown. I want something natural but my roots are kind of darker as they grow back. I use this Anastasia medium brown brow powder duo. I use it a lot. So you’re going to see how, I’m just gonna kiss because it looks like this it’s crazy cold. And I can have those ash tones. I don’t need. I don’t like feel like warm eyebrows because they look just like orange. And they suck such as brush this with this awesome brush by Anastasia which is like literally just like a tip for brushing is. So you funny. And yeah. And just a sip for applying see that’s it that’s it awesome alright. So yeah, I’m just like slowly making them darker this is my Marrakesh this would mix tomorrow right make use of darker. And super-quick filling the bed. I’ll let some micro bleeding but, I’m just. So terrified of doing something zipper in event but, I’m yet still to find a place that will make it super natural if you have any recommendations let me know hello different person alright. I have my contouring. I have my brows. I have my lashes already there with my lashes you know um alright. So sometimes. I use a bronzer. I use this matte bronzer with this brush. And if. I want to add a little bit of bronzer. I have all my products are still use stitches it’s like you something if. I love something, I’m gonna use it.

So yeah, I’m going to bronzer buff it up to the top. And I love anything that’s shiny. And grounding. Because I like that local just you know breasted obsessed with this hourglass pick you up ready to be open now oh look at this color look at those colors amazing love it um because have light on top of my cheeks real quick well uh yeah even that review. And very cool. And now what. I always what. I like to do if. I have a second because basically this isn’t like, I’m done every morning that’s all it takes but if. I have a second. I have this NYX wonder pencil. I have this just like a light of you know pencil. And I just go around my eyebrows like to the top. And like contour around them should feel hard see Hodge is. So hard see how weird it looks, I’m just like basically finding with the white crying around my eyebrows just like pulp them it up a little bit. And I do have a little bit of time as well. I learned this trick from my French Pia. I’ll show you music well if. I for example there’s winter. And I have some extra time. I use these naked pans to like get rid of circle. So I use the orange one. And I get rid of like right now my nose gets red. And winter. So I use this green one if. I do have them. I use the slower lash extensions especially when. I put some sort of eye shadow. But I don’t because, I’m going to be some a nested into that pair. And also a catalysis which shines there two three action three items that.

I use sometimes. I mean. I use them all the time. I just felt use them at the same battle at the same times the glow chance by Anastasia amazing to actually book to. And sit with my sister choose my favorite colors from the two. And she chose chairs. And we recreated. So even though this number golden bros dripping in a golden bubbly these are not the colors these are just like the colors that. I really like this is awesome. I really like these. So sometimes. I just put a little bit even using my finger or. I have a brush. And just use a medium once those two medium over here, I’m like obsessed with shine love everything alright another pretty really left is this one. And naked skin. And I destroy it urban decay. And I just use their shy not sure what it looks like inside we basically applied to your cheek. So you like this if. I just put it on my hand you can see that is like nice. And shiny. So sometimes. I just do it all my teeth to get that extra shine a lot of shine. And one more thing. I always try to do as well this is just like a pixie highlighter over here. And I just use my finger. And just put on trouble my nose as well until my legs on my cheeks literally just with a finger like super basically didn’t look like, I’m going to go over these or see something. And then ugh. I like that glitter kiss me. And then, I’m going to column to my hair. And I have this little bag of bunnies bigger bag with all my herself. I wash my hair with these two this R is weightless braids my living room. And this rootless as well they’re like lift my roots. And make my hair less frizzy. And then full dry volume. So whatever like my hair is too fresh like just wash like big it’s very like oh this is a very very dry shampoo like pretty much every day my hair is dirty a distraction through my hair is the green eyes dry shampoo. And and yes. So basically Jason’s where everything this is also sickening moves that. I use sometimes as well at love hair that is not Plateau everything is travel sizes pushing to little more expenses. But I just don’t have room but anything weird is applied to my room from the back from the top sometimes we her dryer sometimes someone but that keeps me like look o Sole you without much effort alright cool. I hope you enjoy this post as this was my super basic beauty routine if you can see subscribers. I’ll be doing more posts are tsukino enjoying beauty posts. And thanks for reading. I appreciate it. And make sure you check out my blogs in my club through cambodians because, I’m currently here. And would be fun great to be here. So thank you slamming bye.

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