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In Africa, at the end of the 6th c., ps.Fulgentius, in Serm. 78 PL 65, 950: Ad competentes post traditum symbolum, compares the battle against demons of the initiatio Christiana to the ten plagues which forced Pharaoh to free Israel from Egypt Ex 12:29. Munich Subway Map The first nine pertain to the competentes: enrollment of the name, daily prayer, fasts, nocturnal vigils, fearful exorcisms, prayers of the presbyters, traditio of the creed, orationis dominicae informatio, and renunciation of Satan and of the fallen angels. The tenth pertains to the profession of faith. African preaching ps.-Chrys., Lat. coll. Morin, Serm. 30 PL Suppl. 4, 825-831 documents the rare practice of the traditio of Ps 23 22 to candidates for baptism to be memorized, with a solemnity comparable to that of the traditio of the symbolum and Pater H. Brakmann: RAC 20, 473. In Gaul, Caesarius of Arles 503 542 attests to a brief preparation for baptism with enrollment of the name, raising of hands and anointings Serm. 200, 2 Morin. More often this is directed to competentes those who ask together, who must pray to leave a place of the devil so as to enter God’s temple Serm. 200, 1-2. Conversio morum is stressed; with regard to baptism of children infantuli, the parents must stand in for them enrollment for baptism at the beginning of Lent, raising of the hands, anointing, regular attendance at liturgy, especially the week prior to baptism. Eight days before Easter is the traditio symboli to the competentes publice in ecclesia Conc. agath., a. 506, can. 13 CCL 148, 200: the fideiussores, responsible to God for the formation of their spiritual children, must teach them the creed for the redditio, which the candidates do alone, if they are able; otherwise the fideiussores stand in for them Serm. 130,5. The date of the baptism is normally the eve of Easter.

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