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Munich Metro Map on Economists from different perspectives have addressed the issue of income distribution in many different ways. This is not surprising, given the political import of how the theory is developed. If, for example, we argue that labor is paid less than what it contributes to output, then the inevitable conclusion is that workers are exploited, and capitalism is an unjust system. If, on the other hand, we say that labor, and all the other factors of production, are paid what they create, then we can conclude that capitalism is a just and fair economic system. The main theoretical positions on income distribution over the years include the following: classical, Marxist, marginal productivity, post-Keynesian, and neo-Ricardian. We will discuss the two most important theories below. The first, developed by Karl MARX in the 19th century, takes the position that labor, in opposition to capital (which is owned by capitalists), is exploited under a capitalist system. Munich Metro Map 2016.

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